Download Student Score Reports (SSRs) from the Test Operations Management System (TOMS) and Make Available Electronically Via a Secure Local Method

SSR PDF files can be downloaded from TOMS and made available to parents/guardians electronically via a secure local method.

Preparing to Provide SSRs Electronically

Local educational agencies (LEAs) that are planning to provide all or some SSRs to parents and guardians electronically can prepare by completing the following steps:

  1. Determine the technology to be used for secure electronic distribution.
  2. Validate security to ensure that the selected distribution method adequately protects student personally identifiable information (PII) and adheres to the LEA’s local security policies.
  3. Review the Quick Reference Guide: How to Bulk Download Student Score Reports external icon (Updated 08/12/20).
  4. Ensure parent/guardian addresses are updated through the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System regularly to ensure accuracy.
  5. Develop a plan to ensure parents are prepared to receive SSRs through the LEA’s secure local method.

Refer to the Access Electronic SSRs through a Locally Provided Parent or Student Portal web page if the LEA plans to provide SSRs through a parent or student portal in the future.

Maintaining Security of Student PII

Any method for providing SSRs to parents and guardians electronically must be secure and protect student PII that is contained in the SSRs. Some examples of ways to provide secure electronic SSRs include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Password-protect the SSR PDF file, send the file to the parent/guardian via email, and then send the password in a separate email
  • Use a third-party secure software that provides the parent/guardian access to the SSR PDF file

Information for Parent/Guardians

LEA staff will need to communicate with parents/guardians about the new process for accessing SSRs. To assist with the LEA’s communication efforts, the following resource is available that can be used or modified for use with parents/guardians: