English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) Score Reporting

Student Score Reports (SSRs) for 2021–22

SSRs that LEAs provide to parents/guardians are available electronically. Information about transitioning to electronic SSRs can be found on the Student Score Report Options web page. To view sample SSRs, visit the ELPAC Sample Student Score Reports web page.

Alternate ELPAC operational field test SSRs will be available by August 4, 2022.

Initial ELPAC SSRs are available throughout the year, usually within two days of completion of all four domains.

Summative ELPAC SSR types are described in the following table:

Summative ELPAC SSR Type Timeline
First release of SSRs kindergarten through grades twelve (includes students who have completed testing before May 12, 2022)* May 24, 2022
Final release of any remaining SSRs for all grades (includes K–2 Writing Answer Books sent to ETS by June 15, 2022) August 2022
Video Student Score Reports July 2022

* After the first release of results, the ongoing release of kindergarten through grade twelve SSRs will occur every Tuesday and Friday.

SSR Cover Letter Templates

SSR cover letter templates are available for LEA staff to customize and send to parents/guardians along with the child's SSR. SSR cover letter templates are available for the Summative ELPAC in English, Spanish, Standard Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, and Armenian. These letters are an optional resource and are not required to be sent with the SSR.

ELPAC Student Data File Layout

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