ELPAC Coordinator Emails

Please note that this archive is not comprehensive. These archives do not include messages that were sent to individual local educational agencies (LEAs) and reminder emails sent from the Test Operations Management System (TOMS).

Administration Year 2019–20

ELPAC Email Updates
Date SentSubject
01/14/20 New Alert Papers Process for CAASPP and ELPAC
01/13/20 ELPAC: K-2 Writing Materials Update
01/08/20 CAASPP and ELPAC--Systems Resume
01/07/20 Action Required! ELPAC Field Test Materials Return/Destruction Certification
01/09/20 ELPAC January Monthly Update
12/20/19 ELPAC Resources Now Available: Online Test Administration Manual, Summative Forms Assignment, and Estimated Testing Times
12/20/19 ELPAC: 2020 Summative Forms Assignment Now Posted
12/19/19 Action Required! ELPAC Field Test Materials Return/Destruction Certification
12/11/19 Reminder: 2019-20 ELPAC Pretest Webcast
12/09/19 Reminder: RSVP for Initial ELPAC Final Requested Pickup Date
12/09/19 The ELPAC Practice Tests, Directions for Administration and Scoring Guides are now available!
12/02/19 ELPAC December Monthly Update
12/02/19 Reminder: Place a 2019-20 Summative ELPAC Material Order
12/02/19 California Educator Reporting System (CERS) Test Results Timeline for CAASPP and ELPAC
11/21/19 2019–20 ELPAC Pretest Webcast
11/20/19 Computer-based ELPAC: Technology Readiness Checker for Students (TRCS) Focus Group
11/12/19 Reminder: RSVP for Initial ELPAC
11/13/19 Computer-based ELPAC Accessibility Pilot Extension
11/04/19 CAASPP and ELPAC--Systems Resume with Updated Features
11/04/19 The ELPAC and Alternate ELPAC Communications Toolkit is here!
11/04/19 ELPAC November Monthly Update
10/31//19 ELPAC Alert: 2019–20 Summative Materials Ordering Window is Open on November 1, 2019
10/28/19 Opportunities to Get Involved in CAASPP and ELPAC
10/24/19 CAASPP and ELPAC--Scheduled Systems Downtime
10/23/19 Action Required! 2019-20 Initial ELPAC Training Method and Survey
10/23/19 Important! 2019-20 Initial ELPAC Materials Order
10/22/19 The ELPAC Accessibility Resources Web Page Is Here!
10/17/19 Action Required! 2019-20 Initial ELPAC Materials Order and Training
10/08/19 Reminder: RSVP for Initial ELPAC
10/08/19 Important information! LST Student Score Reports Blank Parent/Guardian Address Update options
10/01/19 ELPAC October Monthly Update
10/01/19 ELPAC Paper-Pencil Field Test Information-- Mode Comparability Study (C2 and C3)
09/30/19 Computer-based Summative ELPAC Training Tests and DFAs Are Here!
09/25/19 ELPAC: Preparing for the Computer-based ELPAC Technology Requirements
09/17/19 ELPAC Action Requested: Participate in Cognitive Lab and Investigate Online Accessibility Resources!
09/10/19 Correction! Initial ELPAC Communication Received in Error
09/10/19 Reminder: RSVP for Initial ELPAC
09/10/19 ACTION NEEDED: Add Site ELPAC Coordinators in TOMS for Training Tests
09/09/19 2018-19 ELPAC Post-Test Webcast--Accessing and Interpreting ELPAC Results
09/09/19 IMPORTANT! Do Not Return Initial ELPAC Answer Books
09/03/19 ELPAC September Monthly Update
08/22/19 Non-TOMS Users ELPAC Test Security Affidavit
08/22/19 ELPAC: Exciting Changes for the ELPAC Website
08/19/19 CAASPP and ELPAC--Scheduled Systems Downtime
08/07/19 Computer-based ELPAC Accessibility Pilot Invitation
08/01/19 ELPAC August Monthly Update
07/22/19 CAASPP and ELPAC--Updates to Supported Operating Systems and Browsers for 2019–20
07/08/19 ELPAC-Systems Resume and MyTOMS is here!
07/01/19 ELPAC July Monthly Update
06/19/19 California Assessments--New and Improved TOMS Interface Coming Soon
05/21/19 California Assessment System--2019-20 Scheduled System Downtime
04/18/19 ELPAC--Designation Form Must Be Submitted by April 1