The ELPAC Website

The English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) website serves as the portal for resources that a local educational agency (LEA) will need to administer the ELPAC and the Alternate ELPAC.

News and Tips for the ELPAC Administration

  1. CAASPP & ELPAC Website Launches!

    The new and improved CAASPP & ELPAC Website is now available, with resources to administer CAASPP and ELPAC for the 2024–25 administrations. Bookmark the new site for future reference.

    The ELPAC website will continue to remain available through the end of the 2023–24 test administration. On July 3, 2024, the ELPAC website will be retired; its pages will be redirected to the appropriate location on the new website.

  2. Summative ELPAC and Summative Alternate ELPAC Testing Window is Open

    The Summative ELPAC and Summative Alternate ELPAC test administration is available to administer February 1, 2024, through May 31, 2024. To properly administer the Summative ELPAC, test examiners should be properly trained for the grade levels or grade spans they are administering and access the Directions for Administration (DFAs) corresponding to their LEA's form assignment.

  3. ELPAC Administration for Transitional Kindergarten Students

    For 2023–24, LEAs are required to administer the Initial ELPAC or Initial Alternate ELPAC to all eligible students enrolled in kindergarten—including students in transitional kindergarten (TK), which is defined as year one of a two-year kindergarten program. LEAs will continue to follow the same process for identifying potential EL students and annually assessing EL students.

  4. Complete the Required LEA Certification Now

    The LEA certification deadline has passed. Any LEAs that are not yet certified must access the statewide Summative ELPAC and Summative Alternate ELPAC Administration and Scoring Trainings (ASTs) on the Moodle Training Site (Moodle) Link to external site. Trainings are required and must be completed by all LEAs for the Summative ELPAC and by all LEAs with eligible students for the Summative Alternate ELPAC as soon as possible. Moodle keys are available on the AST website Link to external site. Please direct questions about Moodle-to-Moodle Support at

  5. Useful Reference Guides

    The Pause Rules Guide Link to external site and the Expiration Rules Guide Link to external site were updated and can be found on the Videos and Quick Reference Guides web page.