2019–20 Computer-based Summative English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) Administration and Scoring Trainings

The 2019–20 Computer-based Summative ELPAC testing window is February 1 through May 31, 2020. To prepare for this test administration, there will be 22 Administration and Scoring Trainings held statewide. LEAs participating in the field test will be registered to attend one of the first 10 trainings held from September 30 through October 11, 2019, because these LEAs must complete statewide training and subsequent field testing by October 25, 2019. Non-field-testing LEAs will register to attend training October 23 through November 14, 2019.

Attendance at Statewide Trainings

A list of dates and locations for statewide 2019–20 Computer-based ELPAC Administration and Scoring Trainings follows.

All LEA or county office of education staff who intend to provide a regional training must also attend this training before conducting their own. The training will follow a “training-of-trainers” model, designed so attendees can provide in-person training to their own staff.

Training Dates and Locations

The California Department of Education–sponsored statewide trainings will occur from September 30 through November 14, 2019.

Trainings for LEAs Participating in the Field Test
September 30, 2019 Monday Sacramento
October 1, 2019 Tuesday Sacramento
October 2, 2019 Wednesday Santa Rosa
October 3, 2019 Thursday San Jose
October 4, 2019 Friday Madera
October 7, 2019 Monday Montebello
October 8, 2019 Tuesday San Bernardino
October 9, 2019 Wednesday Long Beach
October 10, 2019 Thursday San Diego
October 11, 2019 Friday Burbank
Trainings for LEAs Not Participating in the Field Test
October 21, 2019 Monday Norco
October 23, 2019 Wednesday Anaheim
October 24, 2019 Thursday Riverside
October 28, 2019 Monday Concord
October 29, 2019 Tuesday Redwood City
October 30, 2019 Wednesday San Jose
October 31, 2019 Thursday Sacramento
November 5, 2019 Tuesday Visalia
November 6, 2019 Wednesday Montebello
November 8, 2019 Friday San Diego
November 12, 2019 Tuesday Pomona
November 13, 2019 Wednesday Burbank
November 14, 2019 Thursday Santa Barbara

Training Overview

All trainings will be focused primarily on the administration of the new computer-based ELPAC and the scoring of the Speaking domain.


Registration will open on Monday, August 12, 2019. In August, LEA ELPAC coordinators will receive an email containing registration information for their LEA. Due to the limited number of seats available at each training, only the LEA ELPAC coordinator will be allowed to register participants. Each non-field-testing LEA will be allotted one seat to attend the 2019–20 Computer-based Summative ELPAC Administration and Scoring Trainings. Seat allocations will be sent before registration opens.

Registration will occur on a first-come, first-served basis, until each training site is full. LEAs may register their staff for one location, or each participant for separate locations.

Regional Workshops

Please note that all ELPAC test examiners are required to be trained to administer the 2019–20 computer-based Summative ELPAC. To accommodate your LEA’s training needs, many regional workshops around the state will be available. As each becomes available, the regional workshops will be posted on the ELPAC website on the 2020 Computer-based Summative ELPAC Regional Training List web page.