Initial ELPAC Administration and Scoring Trainings

In light of the measures being taken nationwide to attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the shelter-in-place mandates in effect across the state of California, Educational Testing Service, the California Department of Education, and the Sacramento County Office of Education (SCOE) are continuing the virtual training format for the Initial English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) Administration and Scoring Training scheduled for spring 2021; these trainings will be delivered virtually through Moodle.

Statewide Local Educational Agency Certification

All LEA Coordinators, new and experienced, will be expected to log in to the ELPAC Administration and Scoring Training external icon site and select the [Training Verification] button, where there will be a current list of staff within the LEA who have completed the LEA training requirement. If your LEA has current staff on the verified list, the LEA coordinator will certify the LEA completion status. Experienced LEA coordinators do not need to repeat the LEA certification course, only verify LEA certification. The list will be available upon the opening of Moodle on April 12, 2021. Once Moodle opens on April 12, 2021, the list will be updated weekly and will include name, date of completion, and name of the training.

If your LEA has a new ELPAC coordinator or lead trainer that has not been trained, you will be required to complete the LEA Certification. LEA ELPAC coordinators and other test examiners can fulfill their training requirements by accessing the virtual training modules within the ELPAC Administration and Scoring Moodle Training Site external icon.

Available resources in Moodle are as follows:

  • Two new certification courses (kindergarten through grade twelve or grades six through twelve) for LEA ELPAC coordinators or their designee
  • Training videos and presentations
  • Training quizzes and calibration quizzes
  • PDF versions of the training binder

The training binder is remaining unchanged for the 2021–22 administration. Only LEAs with a new coordinator or trainer will need to order a training binder. Training binders are available in PDF format for download within Moodle. Starting March 15, 2021, you may request a printed copy(ies) of the Initial ELPAC Administration and Scoring training binder, to be shipped by completing the online request process, and including the address(es) where the training binder(s) will be received. Each address may be different from the address listed for the LEA and can be a home address. You may request to receive your training binders at the ELPAC Administration and Scoring Training external icon site. To place your request, you will need a login with your LEA access code.

Test Examiner Certification

The LEA ELPAC coordinator, or their designee, is responsible for overseeing test examiners’ calibration progress and completion. For the Initial ELPAC, new and experienced test examiners must calibrate annually and will be emailed a certificate of completion upon successful completion of calibration, which the test examiner should email to their coordinator. The Examiner’s Resource course has been newly updated an is divided into sections specific to grades and grade spans. Test examiners need only to calibrate for Speaking and Writing items in the grade/grade spans they are administering and scoring.

Virtual Office Hours for the Initial ELPAC

SCOE will hold office hours via Zoom to answer test administration questions for the Initial ELPAC. Questions can be submitted through Moodle, and the Zoom link can be accessed within Moodle.

Audience: LEA ELPAC coordinators and lead trainers

Dates: LEA ELPAC coordinators and lead trainers

  • May 6: TBD—General ELPAC
  • August 3: TBD—General ELPAC

Regional Workshops

Please note that all ELPAC test examiners are required to be trained to administer the Initial ELPAC. To accommodate the LEA’s training needs, many regional workshops around the state will be available once travel and shelter mandates have been eased.

As each regional workshop becomes available, the workshop dates and locations will be posted on the Initial Assessment Regional Training List web page.