Forms Assignment for the 2020–21 Summative ELPAC Administration

There are six different test forms for the Summative ELPAC administration: Form 1, Form 2, Form 3, Form 4, Form 5, and Form 6.

Test forms are assigned at the LEA level; however, large LEAs—such as Fresno Unified, Los Angeles Unified, and San Diego Unified—may be assigned to more than one form at the school level.

Use the lookup tool to search the LEA by name or CDS code to view the assigned test form for the Summative ELPAC 2020–2021 administrations.

An LEA that does not appear in this search tool will be assigned to use Form 1 by the test delivery system at the time of administration.

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Directions for Administrations (DFAs)

To access the DFAs, select the [Resources] button on the top navigation bar in the Test Operations Management System (TOMS). Select Summative ELPAC Directions for Administration (DFAs) from the Available Materials list and download the DFA(s) that match the assigned form number.

What follows are possible approaches an LEA ELPAC coordinator may take to provide DFAs to test examiners:

  • Download the DFAs from TOMS, store them securely, and provide them electronically to test examiners through a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) just prior to testing.
  • Download the DFAs from TOMS, print them, and distribute them securely to test examiners just prior to testing.
  • Provide test examiners the instructions for downloading DFAs from TOMS just prior to testing and ensuring that the DFAs are handled securely.

A fee-based service for the printing of the DFAs will be available at ELPAC Fee-Based Services web page when the DFAs are posted.

Please note the following about Summative ELPAC DFAs:

Students in kindergarten, grade one, and grade two:

  • LEAs should use the DFA document that matches the LEA's form number assignment.
  • Beginning with the 2020–21 Summative ELPAC administration, computer-based braille will be available for students with visual impairment. There are DFAs available for students with visual impairment in kindergarten through grade two. These DFAs will be available to each LEA no matter which form of the test was assigned to them. These DFAs are specific to the braille computer-based assessment.
  • Please note that LEAs will receive K–2 Writing Answer Books that indicate either "Form 1-5" or “Form 6” on the cover depending on their form assignment. Please note, there are now braille K–2 Writing test materials available for students with visual impairment. These materials can be ordered through TOMS.

Students in grades three through twelve:

  • LEAs should use the Listening, Reading, and Writing DFA and the Speaking DFA for the student's corresponding grade span that match the LEA's form number assignment.
  • For students with visual impairment in grades three through twelve, the test examiner will need to download the appropriate grade-level DFA(s) indicated for students with visual impairment requiring braille. These DFAs are specific to the braille computer-based assessment.

Estimated Testing Times by Form Assignment

For planning purposes, estimated testing times for each form, by domain and grade level or grade span, are now available on the Summative ELPAC Estimated Testing Time web page. For each ELPAC domain, allow an additional 5 to 10 minutes to log on to the student device and read directions.