Training Consolidation Announcement—New Coordinator Training and Pretest Training

Dear LEA CAASPP Coordinator or LEA ELPAC Coordinator:

The California Department of Education (CDE) is excited to announce improvements to LEA coordinator trainings. Starting in June 2023, the New Coordinator Training will cover all content about the coordinator role and coordinator tasks. The Pretest Virtual Training Series will consist only of the "What's New for CAASPP" and "What's New for ELPAC" sessions.

The following content from the Pretest sessions will be moved exclusively into the New Coordinator Trainings:

  • Preparing for Testing—formerly September Pretest—information will be covered during the summer and fall full-day New Coordinator Trainings.
  • Get to Know the Test Operations Management System (TOMS)—formerly November Pretest—information will be covered during the summer full-day New Coordinator Trainings.
  • Administering and Monitoring—formerly February Pretest—information will be covered during the February New Coordinator webinar.

This change will allow the Pretest sessions to focus exclusively on providing updates and reviewing new features. The New Coordinator Trainings will cover all assessment coordination topics for coordinators new to their role or those who want a refresher.

This reorganization will clarify the purpose of each training, resulting in significant time savings for assessment coordinators by reducing the number of separate trainings they need to attend throughout the year. Additional details about the content of each training will be announced in the Assessment Spotlight and posted on the Upcoming Trainings web pages.

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California Outreach Team

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